FINALLY my first post about my life in Singapore.

Last Tuesday I finally arrived at my host family in Singapore. The family is a mother, her 2 children (aged 13 and 15) and Pascal, one of my classmates.

Wednesday was my first school day. School started at 9 and we had to take the MRT (metro) to school, which takes us almost one hour… The school is located in the centre of Singapore City and has everything you need nearby. My first lunchbreak I spend with Eva (dutch girl from my class) eating a korean nuddle soup, which was reaallly good!!

After school a few people decided to go to the Gardens at the bay and I could come with them, so I did! It was really fun!! We went to the gardens and then we went to the Marina Bay Sands light show and the Merlion statue. They told me I’d seen more in one day than they had seen in the last few weeks. haha.



On friday we had an EF rooftop party, to celebrate the full moon autumn festival, which is a Chinese tradition. It was really nice, there was food, drinks, special mooncakes,  and a lot of new people. 🙂






To be continued… ;p


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