Heeee 🙂

Last week was great!! I had school, school and more school. Sounds not like its fun but it actually really is!! There are so many nice people and you meet new people every day! You go out for lunch, play table tennis or Xbox and do fun stuff after school!! A schoolday is never boring!

This week I could finally see Singaporean sky for the first time! The haze was as good as gone and the weather was great!! Blue skies, no more stuffy air and the sun shining.. (most days)

(best part: NO MORE AIR MASKS 😉 )

This week I went to a CAT CAFE… Together with my friend Eva!  You could cuddle cats, take pictures of cats, eat pie, drink coffee and enjoy the free wifi. When I went there I thought it would be a hairy and catsmelly place but it was actually really clean and a relax space to hang out.. haha. It was really fun haha and a whole new experience…😸

School weeks are over really fast..

I didn’t have any plans for the weekend yet when Kim sended me a message on fridaynight, she asked me if I wanted to go to the zoo on saturday. Last minute plans are the best plans!!

Saturday morning after some dalay 😉 we finally made it to the zoo. Singapore zoo is one of the most amazing zoo’s i’ve ever seen. Everything is exactly how it has to be! I think the animal experience is better because you are in the climate they usually live in.

The whole zoo was build up as one big jungle!




It was really fun!!

Afterwards Kim and I went for a Starbucks which was a nice ending of a really fun day!! ✨✨


On sunday my new roommate arrived! I planned to go to Starbucks to learn my Chinese and make homework. She came with me! It was really nice!! 🙂


So yeah that was pretty much my week!!

(from now on i’ll try to write something every monday.. 🙂 )

See you on monday!!



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