Week 3 in Singapore.

I had a great week!! In school I felt a lot less tired and my Chinese really improves. From now on Eva and I are going to Starbucks on Tuesday and Thursday morning since school starts at 12:40 those days. Its really nice and makes you keep you biologic rhythm haha.

Eva and I also got a SG50 years tatoo… hahah

On Wednesday Eva, Kim and I planned to go to the movies. We went to somerset mall and found out it was really nice. In Singapore you can find theatres/Cineplexes everywhere!! You are always close to one! The nice part about the cinema’s in Singapore is the ticket price. If you go on a weekday and show your student pass your ticket is only 7 dollars (5 euro’s!)  We went to The Martian and it is really as great as everyone says!! This week we want to go to The Intern… ;p

On friday I went to the mall with Eva, we found some really nice shops! Eva bought a pair of Wakai shoes, those are really colorfull but simple Japanese shoes!

In Singapore you have a lot of streetstyle clothing and shops. I think its pretty cool. 🙂 After shopping we went to the Charlie Brown Café, which was a theme café. You could just sit down, drink tea and enjoy the free wifi. So that’s what we did.  We actually wanted to go to the Crimson Peak movie but we missed it. 😦 So we planned it for Saturday evening. 🙂


On Saturday we stayed home almost all day. At 8:30 we went to the cinema to see Crimson Peak. I did’t actually like it that much… But a lot of people do like it.. (it wasn’t scary enough) :p

On Sunday Kim had to leave her house for a day so we went to Plaza Singapura and Orchard road. It was really nice. Afterwards we went for a Dunkin Doughnut. Yay.

So that was pretty much my 3th week.. I have no Idea what I’m going to do this week but that is how it goes here… haha.

See you next weekkk.

xx Maxime


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