Crazydays in Singapore #6

So yeah.. Here I am again.. On a Monday this time. 🙂

I’ve have had a crazy, busy but great week!!


School, like every other day.. This time I took some pictures to show you what our lessons and school look like! 🙂

After school we were realllyyyy hungry so we got a cupcake at the MRT station next to our school. In the evening we went to a big electronics mall in Little India which is only a 2 min walk from our new house. 🙂 We ate at the foodcourt underneeth. Sooo good. :p.


IMG_9905  IMG_9920  IMG_9963  IMG_9965   IMG_9973

Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy!!

Here’s a short story about the life off an EF student…

On Tuesday our school starts at 12.40. Usually Eva and I are going for a Starbucks at 10.30 and study until school starts. This time I was too lazy to get up so we skipped Starbucks and made the appointment to go after school. After Starbucks we would get Kimchi Noodles at our favorite Korean “restaurant” and then we would go home and get some sleep. (And I would write my blog which I didn’t do on Monday).

We wanted to take Ryotaro with us to Starbucks because he likes it to and he is really nice.. 🙂 hahah. OK. So after school we went to Starbucks, it was really nice! Ryotaro asked us if his roommate could come too. “Yes sure”. So a guy named Nicollo came to join us. We were just talking and decided to go to the noodle “restaurant” toghether.  After we enjoyed our food we decided to go get a drink.

Since our school is in Clarke Quay (the nightlife area) it was not hard to find a nice terrace. Eva and I tried a Singapore Sling and we were just talking all evening.. Until it was 00.30. Ryotaro was sleepy, and we were not sure whether to go home or not. Someone came up with the idea to go to Sentosa Island.. (Sentosa Island is a small Island on the Singapore cost.. Its only a 15 min taxi drive to get there. Sentosa has a lot of (fake)beaches)  Even though Ryotaro “was sleepy” we decided to go there.

Pretty crazy story hmm? So when we arrived the weather was still really good and the water was warm.. Ryotaro and Nicollo were lucky enough to have brought swimwear and towels because they went swimming in the morning.. So we just wen’t swimming. ;p. Around 3 o’clock we decided it was time to go home again… It was one crazy night hahahah. (here are some pictures)


IMG_7910  IMG_7909  IMG_7916    IMG_7937 IMG_7933  IMG_7934     IMG_7938  IMG_7947  IMG_7967  IMG_7956

Sooooo yeah.. that was our Tuesday.. On Wednesday morning we had to start at 9 already 😦 . But we were actually fine.. Our biggest shock came when we went to get a Starbucks and they started selling Winterdrinks and were wearing red shirts already. 😱 hahah. We took the gingerbread one.. (DONT TAKE IT) ( ;p ) (Just kidding.. Eva liked it )


Thursday!! 🎃🍱🇯🇵

After school Eva and I helped David (Ef activity manager) to decorate everything for the Halloween party on friday night. Since Eva and I never participated in any halloween activity ever we were excited to help him. 🙂 After decorating Ryotaro invided us to go to a Japanese restaurant so we went there for dinner. 🙂 It was reaaalllyyy good!! (TERRIYAKI)


IMG_8047  IMG_8048  JKZL0061  IMG_8054

Fridayyy 👻💀🎃

Halloweeeeeennnnnn!! The Halloween party was really fun!! You could carve a pumpkin, try to get apples out of a waterbowl and a lot more hahahah. It was reallllyyy nice!!




IMG_8118  IMG_8121  IMG_8131 Saturday/Sunday.

On Saturday we slept inn haha. In the evening I had to go babysitting at a Dutch family, but before I left we got a really nice  crepe. 🙂 The family I had to babysit for was really nice, they were dutch people and invited me to come there whenever I wanted to!


Sunday Eva and I went to Haji Lane which was really nice!!

IMG_8236  IMG_8241  IMG_8256  IMG_8248  IMG_8249

 IMG_8264  IMG_8263

 IMG_8282  IMG_8287


Well thats pretty much it for this week!! 🙂

See you  next Monday!

Goodnight!! xx   IMG_8349 IMG_8369


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